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Goals To Achieve Blog post

Goals To Achieve Yung Stawn Shown Goals to achieve is Yung Stawn Shown 5th Single of the year. After teaming up with the producer MikeyBBeats Stawn instantly felt the emotion rise through the lyrics in this song. Stawn has always been one to help others without putting himself first and regrets no decisions made from that! From his family to his childhood friend, to anyone he's built a relationship with over the years right through the likes of his musical journey, Stawn has always been there through the highs and lows. With the beginning of the chorus “Going above and beyond I'm losing, everyone I’m supposed to groove with” Stawn is reciting how he feels as over the years he’s lost touch with those he once loved so much, from being misjudged, unsupported, and told he would never make something for himself, through direct verbal communication, and actions from those he’s bent over backwards for. Diving deeper into the first verse with “Put me on the phone ain’t making no excuse nah, Above and beyond everything stays exclusive, Time that we spent Thoughts we imprint, I don’t share my blessings to no dark demons” really resonates with how misjudged Stawn was, as he was growing older and expressing his loyalty to the ones he loves. People come into your life for a reason, stay for a reason, and leave for a reason. Moving towards the second half of the first verse with “With a lot on my mind balancing my grind, obsessed i cant lie can’t detach from this life, Spending all my time in the studio rising, Working on my craft i always stay writing”, implementing that stawn had enough and realized that he had one way to express how he felt towards the change; his art. He became obsessed with speaking his mind through his lyrics, and spending the majority of his time in his home studio, especially on this record and how focused became in the studio during the time. This is his form of art in which he found a way of healing and growing in his life. Ending the verse with “I Don’t really know what you want from me, went above and beyond saw tragedy, never listen I'm doing me, got a life to live and goals to achieve”, expresses the growth and the message of “in life we outgrow people, no matter how the relationship started, how long it was strong for, or how it impacted your life, you’re growing and the ones you love aren’t, so keep growing and don't look back”! Goals to achieve was a transition in Yung Stawn Showns life, as he began to become more confident, fearless and selfish for himself to achieve anything he puts his mind to. His most important message to you reading this right now is; If you have big dreams you have to be willinging to sacrifice letting go of anyone holding you back mentally, physically, and emotionally in your life. It's not easy, it is a healing process, but again healing is such a beautiful time to be in just as change is a beautiful time to be in, we have to be strong, we have to be confident, we have to be patient with ourselves and most importantly we have to be FEARLESS to make any manifestation possible. Goals to Achieve will be on every platform and available to purchase on iTunes and his new and improved website. Before you decide to let this song be in your life keep this in mind, to stream it is to help you heal and go through manifesting the life you desire. To purchase is to remember the journey and how you did it! He appreciates you reading this and looks forward to hearing from you. Visit today to add this song to your playlist or to your collection

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