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The message behind Let It Out

Yung Stawn Shown’s new release Let It out has a very important message for those going through a time of grief. With Stawn going through so much loss and grief over this summer from losing his childhood dog to losing his grandmother to cancer, Stawn expresses how he coped with all the loss this year. Instead of dwelling on the changes in his life that happened unexpectedly from the losses, he was inspired to write and release this song to express how he copes with letting it all out! We all cope with grief differently and some may not be affected by it, while others go through a much longer healing process. Letting go of someone you love is hard and the best way to accept the loss is by understanding that we will reunite with our loved ones on the other side one day! One of the lyrics that stood out to me the most was the beginning of verse 2 “Lost my dog my grandma to the cancer in them, cousins gone due to drugs suicide big dents” Losing 2 family members to cancer is hard and losing 2 family members to suicide is even harder, all in which these 4 relatives were very close to stawn and were a big part of his childhood and onwards! If you’re going through a time of grief Stawn highly recommends you to check out his new release Let It Out that drops on October 25th on Spotify and all major streaming platforms! (Link below)

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